Metro Christian Academy and Metro Baptist Preschool offer dynamic summer camp programs for families with children age three through children who have completed fifth grade. Preschool-age children (K3-those who have not finished kindergarten yet) have a different activity each day along with daily Bible lessons, song time, and a brief academic review. The summer is all about activities, having fun, and working on our "friend skills" (manners, taking turns, helping each other, working together, and so much more) while staying on campus. Preschool openings are very limited.

School-age children (those who have completed kindergarten through the fifth grade) have scheduled activities each day. The summer is all about activities, having fun, working on our "people skills" (following directions, manners, taking turns, and encouraging one another) and keeping our minds active over the summer with off-campus field trips! 

Available options: 

$173: Full-time (5 days) 7:00am-6:00pm (lunch & 2 snacks included)

$127: Part-time (3 days - M, W, F ONLY) 7:00am-6:00pm (lunch & 2 snacks included)

Sibling discounts available for school-age children! Call the school office for details. 615.859.1184 ext.120

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- Organized Mass Chaos

- STEM Activities

- Movie Day

- Area Parks

- Area Splash Pads

- Rivergate Skate Center

- Scavenger Hunt

- Water Day

- Pleasant Green Pool

Plus many more activities and field trips!