Metro Baptist Preschool seeks to provide your child with the best academic foundation available. Our program introduces basic reading and math concepts to challenge students and prepare them for kindergarten. While we strive for academic excellence, we also place a strong emphasis on spiritual development. Each lesson is taught with an underlying theme that God loves them and wants them to grow "in grace and knowledge."

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Preschool: K3-K4

  • The max class size per state regulations is 9 students for K3 classes and 13 students for K4 classes. 
  • The age requirement for K3 is the child must be 3 on or before August 15th and completely, independently potty trained (no help from the teacher). The age requirement for K4 is the child must be 4 on or before August 15th.
  • Our preschool curriculum is published by Abeka which focuses highly on phonics, writing, numbers, and basic skills while incorporating basic Bible doctrines. K3 is introductory for alphabet and numbers. K4 is mastery of alphabet and numbers with a concentration on readiness for any kindergarten program.
  • Parents will receive a "My Day" sheet sent home in the daily class folder which will update the parent on the student's academic progress and behavior. 
  • The extracurricular programs offered are TOT (Teams of Tomorrow), a basketball program for preschool students, and Toes of Grace, a dance class. These are offered independent of Metro Baptist Preschool therefore the cost is paid directly to those companies.
  • The hours of operation are 7am-6pm. Class time starts at 8:30am. All teaching time is completed before lunch. K3 and K4 have recesses in the morning, after lunch, and after nap. Nap time is from 1-3pm. 

About the Staff of Metro Baptist Preschool

Our teachers are trained and qualified K3 and K4 teachers. Our teachers attend several training clinics per year and are very experienced in dealing with the education and socialization of young children. 

In addition, all of our preschool staff is:

* CPR certified

* Trained in general first aid

* Experienced in Early Childhood Development

K3 Program

Basic Skills: Listening skills, following directions, basic classroom obedience, hand-eye coordination, sharing, kindness, telling the truth, and being a helper.

Numbers: Counting, number concepts 1-15, number recognition 1-15, dot to dot. 

Phonics: Letter recognitions, letter sounds, writing letters, language development (includes 76 different topics including science, health, safety, manners, community helpers, geography, history, family, colors and shapes.)

Art: Colors, shapes, coloring skills, finger painting, gluing, tracing, cutting with scissors.

Bible: Basic Bible stories (Creation, Moses, David, Life of Christ), Bible memory, Bible songs, and chapel time.

K4 Program

Basic Skills: Listening skills, thinking skills, following directions, basic classroom obedience, hand-eye coordination, writing readiness, visual perception, sharing, kindness, diligence, self-control, paying attention, contentment, telling the truth, love of God and people, courage, thankfulness, and being a helper.

Numbers:  Counting, number concepts 1-20, number recognition 1-20, number formation 1-20, dot to dot, and sequencing.

Phonics: Letter recognition, letter sounds, vowel sounds (long and short), consonant sounds, blending of consonants and vowels, reading one syllable words with one or two vowels, reading short sentences.

Writing: Writing letters and numbers, work on proper formation, and spatial placement.

Art: Colors, shapes, coloring skills, finger painting, gluing, tracing, cutting with scissors.

Bible: Basic Bible stories, Bible memory, Bible songs, basic Bible doctrines, and chapel once a week.

General: Finger play, fun songs, poetry.

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