In 2019, MCA relaunched its athletics department since moving to our new campus in 2012. Our teams have won multiple championships in soccer, volleyball, basketball, and baseball throughout the rich history of our program. We currently offer middle school and varsity boys basketball and middle school and varsity cheerleading. We intend to add additional sports each year and grow our programs in each respective sport. 

Click here for our 2020-2021 Basketball Schedule

Junior Varsity Basketball

Back Row: Wesley Gainer (Assistant Coach), Ryan Rutter (7th), Jason Bowers (8th), Malachi Click (8th), Dylan Stephens (8th), Zach Goodwin (Assistant Coach)

Front Row: David Brindley (7th), Wesley Hayes (5th), Cameron Vail (5th), Michael Gonzalez (6th), Brennan Marin (8th)

Varsity Basketball

Back Row: Wesley Gainer (Assistant Coach), Alden Spain (11th), Shawn Marr (12th), Jonathan Hansen (Coach), Harris Marin (11th), Lucas Bowers (10th), Malachi Click (8th), Zach Goodwin (Assistant Coach)

Front Row: Hunter McCoy (9th), Ryan Rutter (7th), Dylan Stephens (8th), Scobe Young (9th), Brennan Marin (8th)

Junior Varsity Cheerleading

Back Row: Kylie Hall (11th), Kendall Cutrell (Coach), Leta Robison (9th)

Middle Row: Savannah Stephens (9th) Aubrey Hansen (6th)

Front Row: Kaitlyn Hall (7th), Kenzie Alexander (6th), Reagan Goodall (6th)



Elementary basketball and cheerleading is available through Metro Baptist Church's UPWARD program. Boys and Girls, K5-5th grade can compete in basketball and cheerleading. The games are held in the MCA gym each Saturday.  

If your family has any questions regarding our UPWARD program, please contact