Distance Learning

"How To"

Included are some links that will be helpful with our shift to distance learning. Your student's teacher should be in contact with you regarding scheduling and which methods of teaching he or she will be using.  


Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows students, classmates, and teachers to interact.  



Click here for ZOOM Directions for Students

ABeka ProTeach:

ProTeach School Streaming provides pre-recorded online lessons corresponding with the Abeka curriculum that we currently use in many of our classrooms. 

HOW TO USE ProTeach:


Click here for ProTeach Instructions.

MCA UPDATE - 3/24/20

Metro Families,

Thank you for your patience while our administration team has worked on a plan going forward for your child’s education for the remainder of the school year or until we are allowed to resume normal classes. Our primary goal is to ensure that our students are continuing their studies while maintaining relationships with fellow classmates and teachers. To achieve this goal, we are required to shift to distance learning for our kindergarten to 12th grade students beginning Friday, March 27. It will establish a new way to connect with students and deliver curriculum. Our distance learning will include a packet from your student’s teacher (more details in the FAQ’s section), and the use of the following two platforms: Abeka ProTeach and Zoom.

A strong partnership between parents and teachers will be necessary to ensure that students stay engaged in learning. Your teachers have been working hard to effectively deliver distance learning to your student. If you are feeling overwhelmed as a parent through this process, we are here to listen and assist.

We realize that transitioning to distance learning will not be comprehensive. It would be nearly impossible to duplicate what is taught each day at MCA. So not all of the classes your children were receiving will continue during this transition, but they will continue learning their core courses.

Further Expectations—
We expect trial and error getting our kids and teachers transitioned to online learning. During the first week, it could take a little longer for everyone to get the hang of it. Hang in there. We will work through this together and make the best of this difficult situation.

What this looks like for all of us—
• We will be learning and growing in these brand-new circumstances.
• We will do our best to celebrate and share successes that we find along the way.
• We will do our best to be supportive, gracious, and understanding as we work out challenges.
• We will provide the most equitable learning experience possible for all of our students.
With everyone’s help— teachers and parents, we will continue to provide connection and support for our students, so they can continue to learn and thrive academically.

In partnership,

Dewayne Coleman
Business Manager

MBP UPDATE - 3/20/20

Preschool Family,

I know you just heard from me yesterday regarding keeping the preschool open, and we have been trying to do everything possible to do that for those desperately needing childcare. However, at this time with new statistics being released, I feel it would be best for our staff and your children if we close the preschool for two weeks. Some COVID-19 models have the numbers leveling out sometime in April so at this time our tentative reopen date will be Monday, April 6. 

After speaking with representatives from our medical community and government officials, I think this is the best thing we can do to be socially responsible to limit the spread of this terrible virus. 

I apologize in advance for any difficulties this may cause many of you. You will not be charged for the next two weeks, so do not worry about filling out a vacation/hardship request form. We will be in contact as quickly as possible should this situation change. Thank you for your understanding.

Dewayne Coleman
Business Manager